Teaching Classical Pilates The Way Joseph Pilates Did It!

Think Pilates Consultants has now moved to the Boston area. Whether you are a studio owner or a Pilates student, our goal is to visit you and not the other way around. We will advise you in creating outlays for your space and apparatus and develop programs that best suit either individuals or members of a class. For Pilates enthusiasts who have Joe Pilates apparatus, we home school you privately or in a group mat class whichever meets your needs. All is based on the classical method taught originated by Joseph Pilates himself!

Ruth Hiatt-Coblentz, the studio's proprietor and author of Pilates for Fragile Backs, offers unique and highly tailored systems for those who suffer from spinal and neurological disorders. Based on experience with her own fragile back, Ruth has developed and offers a deeper understanding for those clients whose desire is to reclaim a life that is no longer controlled by pain.

Begin planning today with your aim of helping clients gain strength, agility and balance or give the gift of doing the same for yourself

Email Ruth rcob74@yahoo.com or call (508) 954-8767.

Pilates in Medford, Massachusetts